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My Background + Story

I received my Bachelor's of Arts in Health & Humanity at the University of Southern California and my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through the Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine. 

I spent the majority of my undergrad feeling lost and disconnected from myself and others. An overall experience of isolation and feeling like I didn't quite belong. It was hard and confusing, but I didn't really know what to do about it or if anyone would truly understand.

In 2019, I went on a 5-month mission trip with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Queensland, Australia. These five months changed everything for me. From activating the deepening of my faith and discovering an intimate relationship with our Creator to ultimately unearthing my identity + purpose and beginning the process of unpacking my story. (Not to mention, also meeting my now-husband and a whole community of incredible Jesus-loving souls.)

Since then, life has not been the same but so much sweeter and freer. It is my desire to help others, in any way I can, break free from the lies of self-defeating beliefs that keep them bound. That they may encounter the true meaning of grace and experience the breadth and depth of the abundant life that has been in store for them all along.

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